There are approximately 350,000 service members/veterans in Kentucky.  The DVA estimates 11% are homeless (38,500), and every 65 seconds, 1 is subject to suicide (~8052 annually).  These are individuals who sacrificed their quality of life, families, sanity, or even their own lives.  These numbers are unacceptable!

Our heroes sacrifice so much for us.  Our service members serve us overseas, and our first responders work tirelessly for our communities - they deserve more than what they get.  We will do whatever we can for you and your family, and if we can't, we'll find someone who can.

Resiliency Outreach has three tracts: Resiliency Outdoors, Broken Arrow Program, and Mission Support Site (2019).

Resiliency Outdoors is simply just getting outside into God's creation. This also includes family getaways and camping trips. Basically, pulling you out of your element to focus on decompression.

Broken Arrow Program is our community outreach. We search for partners in the community who can provide resources. You want a service dog? We got a guy. You need help with finances? We got a guy. You need Jesus? We have a small group.

Mission Support Site (launch 2019) is our transition assistance program. We are developing a 90-day curriculum to coach, mentor, and train veterans and transitioning service members to gain interactive field experience and volunteer service to make the client more marketable and increase their brand.

All three of these tracts support our three objectives: Strengthen Warrior Resolve - Renew relevance and purpose - Family Enrichment - Strengthen Family Dynamics - and Renewing the Spirit - Plant the seed of servitude and accountability.

About Us

Vision: To unite communities and organizations to support the military [veteran], wounded warrior, first responders and their families. 


- Christ-centric: Serve Christ through serving others 

- Customer satisfaction: Always put the needs of the customer above our own 

- Empower individuals: Strive to be the light for individuals who need encouragement 

- Integrity: Maintain accountability of our actions 

- Delivering on our promises: Mission first, the people, THEN the organization 

Unique Niche: Support families in order to assist with reintegration during homecoming, and strengthening their resolve.

Meet the team

Business Model

The Resiliency Pyramid

The triangle is the strongest structure in geometry and architecture, and it is able to withstand great weights.  We use triangular shapes to build roofs, to provide support, braces, and to construct skyscrapers.  The triangle gets its strengths by distributing weight against each axis and leg, reinforcing each side, to resist collapsing.  Additionally, the triangle can be used to solve complex geometric problems using triangle theorem.  

When one thinks of the Resiliency Pyramid, they see a foundation based on Spiritual Health which supports Physical Health and Relationships.  In other words, we can look at the health of our spirit, which correlate to the overall health of our inputs and outputs (how we treat ourselves, and how we treat others).  

In any structure, if one leg becomes weaker than the other, its integrity fails.  Only when all legs are proportionately equal to its environment, can the structure last.  For example, the pitch of a roof is determined by the estimated amount of precipitation - too low of a pitch and the roof may collapse, too steep and the structure may become off balanced or unmanageable.  

Therefore, the Resiliency Pyramid is depicted as an equilateral triangle symbolizing equality in all realms of our overall health.  In order for us to be able to not only take care of others, we must be able to take care of ourselves.  This starts with your spirit; do you have faith or are you hopeless?  A person whose spirit is distressed is not going to take care of themselves and subsequently, not be too excellent to others.  

Our programs are designed, or put in place for us to build a relationship with our clients.  More often than not, our client may not open up to us to this extreme of a level; however, by forging a bond, we can continue contact and be able to intervene if necessary.  If intervention is not necessary, then a seed of stewardship and servitude is planted to reach our fellow men and women in our communities.  Over time, through this model, we aim to expand our overall capabilities.

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