About Us


Our Mission

 Resiliency Outreach, Inc. will provide outreach to the military [veteran], wounded warriors, first responders, and their families by providing programs designed to strengthen family dynamics, ease reintegration by allowing time to decompress with hopes to increase resiliency, recovery, rehabilitation and hope.  Resiliency Outreach is steadfast in: 

-Commitment: Inspire and instill hope

-Responsibility: Empower our clients and follow through on commitments

-Possibility: Expand perspective of troubled young people

-Support: Surround our clients in a caring, inclusive environment


What We Provide

Strengthen Warrior Resolve: Provide purpose and relevance for the warrior.

Family Enrichment: Strengthen family bonds and dynamics.

Renewing the Spirit: Planting the seed of stewardship, accountability, and service.


Why Us?

We focus on the family dynamic to strengthen family resolve.  We step in to assist the needs of families with hopes to strengthen them.

By working with and through Chaplains we have a direct line of access to military and law enforcement personnel.

By having members and volunteers who are veterans, as well as disabled veterans, we are able to relate more to their needs.

Those who partner with RO can donate and partake in any event.