Hero Shoot Overview

Resiliency Outreach's Hero Shoot is to recognize PTSD Awareness Month (June), and to honor our Independence (4th of July).  This is one of Resiliency Outreach's largest fundraising events and this year we are hoping to double last years success!  

The event will meet at the Barkley Dam Pavilion, KY for registration and payment of entry fee.  The entry fee for this event will be determined with the option of a side pot per boat/team of 1-4 persons.  Bring a veteran and earn a discount.  The winner of the tournament will be based on biggest 22 with respects to the 22 Suicides per day rate.  

We will coordinate fish disposal.  

There will be prizes, $$$, fun and excitement.  Come and see us, share this posting, and we'll see you there!


Rules and Regulations for Hero Shoot ‘19. 

1.) All boats must be registered by 5:45pm.
2.) Each shooter must have a valid KY state fishing license and abide by all Kentucky regulations.
3.) There must be a life jacket on board for every shooter. We encourage shooters to wear jackets anytime the boat is in motion over idle speed.
4.) NO STROBING. If caught, it will result in disqualification.
5.) No baiting or chumming fish.
6.) Tournament hosts and/or sponsors will not be responsible for accidents or injury.
7.) All fish must be shot with a bow and arrow and will be inspected for such at weigh in.
8.) Any legal rough fish species by Kentucky regulations may be shot with the exception of spoonbill and catfish. No spoonbill or catfish will be counted.
9.) Winner will be determined by the total weight of their 22 fish. Big Fish may be used in the weight of your 22 fish.
10.) You must finish the tournament with the same marked vehicle and boat that you started with.
11.) It is the tournament participant’s responsibility to know and obey all state and local fish and boating laws and to abide by them.
12.) Teams will leave in the order they arrive.
13.) Each team must return for weigh in by 3am. No late entries allowed failure to weigh before 3am with result in disqualification. No exceptions.
14.) Fish disposal will NOT be available at weigh in (check back frequently for updates).  Please make arrangements to properly dispose of your fish ahead of time. Absolutely NO FISH DUMPING!
15.) Be respectful to our marinas and homeowners.
16.) Be courteous to other boaters, no crowding or harassing other teams. Unsportsmen like behavior will not be tolerated and will result in being banned from all future Resiliency Outreach Inc. events.
17.) Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in boats during tournament hours.
18.) There is to be no transferring of fish between teams.
19.) The decision of tournament results will be left to tournament officials and will be final.
20.) All boats hosting a troop/veteran will be subject to inspection concerning all applicable safety equipment is on board.


November 24, 2018:  A veteran, first responder, gold star family member does not count as part of your team.  This allows a team of 4 to be able to take a guest out on their boat without losing a member of their team.  Therefore, you still pay full price, but can take a guest out.  

We are going to find the guests, but we need to start getting a feel to how many boats we have that can host them (thinking 1 per boat).  These will be individuals who may never have shot before, so a bow for them will be needed as well.  

Here's the incentive: All captains who take a guest gets put into a drawing for a prize!

November 23, 2018: It is time to start planning for the 2nd Annual Hero Shoot.  We would like to take a second to thank last year’s sponsors

NDesigns Screen Printing, Signs & Embroidery
Fowl Weather Custom Calls
Muzzy Bowfishing
T-N-T Archery and Repair
BigMac Grips
Bow String Depot
Boondock-Outdoors Store
Triple J Knife Works
Carlos Norton
William Hutchinson
RPM Bowfishing
Max It Out Leds
Josh Noble
Grizzly Fishing
SLIME LIFE Bowfishing Apparel

We hope to get your support again this year!